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7.11: FF Hair Battle! - Nominations

7.11: Hair Battle - Nominations

I've been wanting to do this for a while! Basically we're going to have a series of votes to determine who the Final Fantasy character with the best hair is! There are multiple categories, so multiple ways to have the "best hair". But first, I need help with nominations! I've already put in some nominations for some of the more bizarro categories (that hopefully have some good nominations from more obscure works), but now it's your turn to make suggestions!


♠ Silver-haired Beauties

Information: This category is for the classy flowing white hair that seems very common amongst FF characters, especially villains (you can't go anywhere in Dissidia without running into a white-haired villain, it seems).

♠ Colors of the Rainbow

Information: This category is for all the characters with bizarre, brightly-colored hair. Technically, bright red and orange hair should also be in this category, but I'm leaving those nominations for the Best Redhead category (farther down).

♠ The Pineapple Division

Information: Careful! You could poke an eye out with that hair! This category is for characters sporting the classic pineapple spiky hairdo. You can consider this a subset of the next category, since in order to have pineapple hair, you also need a degree of anti-gravity. However, this category also requires sharpness and more of a fan-like shape.
Note: Characters nominated for this category can't also be nominated in either of the next two categories.

♠ Best Anti-Gravital / Best Use of Hairspray

Information: This category encompasses implausible hair that doesn't fit the previous or next categories. Ridiculous bangs, extreme pompadours, crazy cowlicks, etc. etc.
Note: Characters nominated for this category can't also be nominated in the previous or next category.

♠ Best "WTF Is That on Your Head?!"

Information: Wait, that's... hair? This category is for hair so bizarro it makes you question what the designers were thinking.
Note: Characters nominated for this category can't also be nominated for the previous two categories, as they'd easily beat out the other characters.

♠ Best Mohawk

Information: Recognizing the best mohawks sported by FF characters. uwu

Suggest a category!


♥ Best Actually Realistic

Information: A category for hair that a person could actually be expected to have. :)

♥ Best Short Hair

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) whose short hair you particularly like.

♥ Best Long Hair

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) whose long hair you particularly like.

♥ Best Blonde

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) with the best blonde hair.

♥ Best Brunette

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) with the best brown or black hair.

♥ Best Redhead

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) with the best red hair.
Note: This category includes all red-haired characters, even the ones with hair too bright red to actually be natural.

♥ Best Facial Hair

Information: Nominate characters with the best facial hair.

♥ Best Hairstyle

Information: Nominate characters (male or female) whose hairstyle you especially like.

♥ Best Hair Accessory

Information: Nominate specific accessories that a character wears in their hair (things worn on the ears or neck don't count).
Note: The nomination should be of the hair accessory itself e.g. "Locke's bandana" or "Rydia's hair jewel"

Suggest a category!

Some nomination rules:
  • Each category has its own thread. Nominate characters by replying to that thread.
  • All of the above categories are open for nominations, including the ones I've already added nominations.
  • You can nominate a character in however many categories you want (the only exception to this is the restrictions for the Pineapple Division, Anti-Gravital, and "WTF" categories).
  • There's no limit to how many characters you nominate in each category! Just to give you something to shoot for, though, about 5 nominations per category would be good.
  • Even if a character has already been nominated by someone else, if you want to see them in the lineup, include them in your list, since I'll be putting in the characters that get the most support.
  • If a character's hair changes from game to game (or from medium to medium), specify which hair you're nominating. For example, FFX!Rikku is different from FFX-2!Rikku, and both of them could even be nominated for the same category.
  • Kingdom Hearts, Bravely Default, etc. characters are allowed.
  • If you have any suggestions for categories you'd like to see, let me know in the category suggestion thread. Feel free to upvote suggestions other people have made too. If there's a category people like, I'll add a thread for it below.
  • There's not really a big distinction between the silly and serious categories. Aside from the Best Actually Realistic category, all categories are open to people with weird or silly hair.

Other notes:
  • I'll be slowly adding images of popular nominations above.
  • Unlike with previous brackets, there won't be predictions -- just nominations and voting. Because of this, nominations are unscreened.

DEADLINE: Thursday June 26 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 2 points for nominating in a category or suggesting categories, up to 30 points

P.S. These are the kinds of things I come across when searching for Final Fantasy hairstyles. And now you have a pretty good ballpark estimate of how long I've been planning this activity.

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