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7.12: He Said She Said Game

7.12: He Said She Said Game

I need some more time to collect all the hair nominations and set up the voting (any seconding of the suggestions so far would be appreciated!), so in the meantime, a new activity: a game my friend taught me that she called the He Said She Said game.

Originally, how it works is that each person would have a piece of paper and write down a certain thing (depending on the round) then fold their paper over what they wrote and pass it on to the next person. After you go through all the rounds, each person unrolls their sheet and reads the entire story created by people not knowing what came before.

The rounds are this:
1. The guy
2. The girl
3. What he thought
4. What she thought
5. What he said
6. What she said
7. What he did
8. What she did
9. What happened in the end

Some examples:
1 & 2: These would be FF/KH characters (OR any character/real life person that you think most people playing would know -- Lady Gaga or Harry Potter, for example). If you like and if you have permission, you could even write down your name or your friend's name. (But it's really embarrassing when your name gets written down, trust me!)

3 & 4: Whatever this person/character is thinking, like, "Nobody loves me! *sob*" or "Everything is going according to plan..."

5 & 6: Whatever this person/character said out loud, like, "You're a horrible person," or "Hi there!"

7 & 8: Any action, like "He ate a sandwich," or "She fell asleep."

9: A sort of general conclusion e.g. "They rode off into the sunset together" or "A meteor came and killed everyone. The End."

For this paperless version, I'll be forming the nine-part stories by taking the first person's answer to (1) and putting it with the second person's answer to (2) and so on. The fifth person's answer to (1) with the sixth person's answer to (2), etc. etc. It'll wrap around as needed. Because of this, the game works with any number of people (except one, obviously; two is also a bit too low (as each person already knows how half the story will go), but three is fine).

Fill out this form and post it as a comment! All comments will be screened.

Note: Because your nine answers will most likely end up in nine different stories, what you write doesn't have to be coherent by itself. You can do it that way if you like, but I generally treat each answer as one part of a completely new story each time.

If we get answers quickly (like > 2 by Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday), I'll run multiple rounds. It's fun when you quickly get to see the story you made, so ideally, just fill out the form really quick and we'll get multiple rounds in. :)

DEADLINE: (Sunday June 29, Tuesday July 1), Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: You can fill out one form per round for 10 points each round