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7.12: He Said She Said Game

Stories by Breyzy, Yin, [personal profile] kuro_pantsu, [personal profile] chacusha, and [personal profile] mako_lies:

Story 1

He thought: Sometimes I think the world would be so much better without clothes.
It thought: I knew I should've played it safe and gone with the pretty boy with stupid hair!
He said: "Sea salt ice cream would be great right about now."
It said: "...But who is to say for certain?"
He: Teleported to the top of the tree, before anyone could catch him.
It: Gave [Luneth] puppy dog eyes.
Don Corneo chose neither of them and went for the purple octopus with the heavy make-up and garishly cute bow instead

I don't understand...

Story 2

She thought: I should have worn pants today.
He thought: I'll let her think we're friends, for now. But once she lets her guard down... Hehehe.
She said: Want to know something fun? I'm not wearing any undies!
He said: "Hmph. Let's just get this over with."
She: Danced around in a Bard outfit.
He did 1000 needles!
An evil empire took over the world, as they are wont to do. [Olette] and [Vivi] joined an underground resistance organization and eventually fell in love.

I suppose the day where you're not wearing underwear WOULD be a good day to wear pants.

Story 3

Kefka thought: "I wonder where I'll go today!"
Kain thought: What a time to be alive.
Kefka said: Muhu... Muhuha... MWAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAaa -- oh, hello. I didn't see you there. I was just practicing my evil laugh.
Kain said: You bitch! I was going to wear that outfit!
Kefka: Attempted awkward small talk.
Kain: Accidentally casted Firaga.
And they rode off on their chocobos into the sunset while the opening music played.

I just love the "attempted awkward small talk" thing. I guess there's not much else you can do when you've stolen someone's outfit.

Story 4

Queen Brahne
Fang thought: "This is not what I expected."
Brahne thought: "How do we prove that we exist?"
Fang said: ...And somehow, the villain is hotter than me!
Brahne said: You're so cute and adorable and gah! >3<
Fang: Went crazy and of course attained a position of high power which endangered countless lives and caused considerable chaos
Brahne: Jumped really high to survey the land.
They rode chocobos together off into the sunset.

This is not what I expected either...

Story 5

Faris thought: DAYUM! Someone cast a blizzaga cause she is HOT!
Yuffie thought: "I walk the path of trials."
Faris said: "No need to be so mopey, kid!"
Yuffie said: I bite my thumb at you, sir!
Faris: Pushed her down onto a nearby sofa seductively.
Yuffie: Went off to have a series of unnecessary adventures in numerous ridiculous, skimpy outfits whilst finding new and supposedly worse but somehow previously unknown threats
They both wandered off to do their own things.

How femslashy! Yuffie is too angsty to appreciate Faris's advances, though.

One last round. Going back to "She Said, He Said". Put this as a reply to the thread below:

DEADLINE: Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
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