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Here is a comprehensive FAQ for contests in [community profile] ultima_arena. Contests are a special kind of activity where submitted entries are voted on by members, and winning the contest gets you big rewards. Minigames are shorter and do not typically involve voting on member submissions.

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[personal profile] chacusha2014-07-04 01:59 pm
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7.12: He Said She Said Game [Results]

7.12: He Said She Said Game [Results]

Last batch of stories by Breyzy, [personal profile] kuro_pantsu, Yin, [personal profile] lady_nova, and [personal profile] mako_lies. Note: one story had two male characters. I figured that was fine; I just changed the pronouns to match.

Story 1 )
Story 2 )
Story 3 )
Story 4 )
Story 5 )

Full results here )
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-07-03 09:52 am

Extension for 7.10

Hey guys, I'm extending 7.10: Mythological Figures Graphics for a week, up until next Tuesday. We have one entry; I'd hopefully like to get a few more for voting!
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-07-02 12:51 am
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7.12: He Said She Said Game

Stories by Breyzy, Yin, [personal profile] kuro_pantsu, [personal profile] chacusha, and [personal profile] mako_lies:

Story 1 )
Story 2 )
Story 3 )
Story 4 )
Story 5 )

One last round. Going back to "She Said, He Said". Put this as a reply to the thread below:

DEADLINE: Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 10 points for filling out a form
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-30 01:52 am
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7.12: He Said She Said Game

Here's the results of the first round. Stories by [personal profile] chacusha, Breyzy, [personal profile] lightofeilia, Yin, and [personal profile] mako_lies!

Story 1 )
Story 2 )
Story 3 )
Story 4 )
Story 5 )

Ready for the next round? Put this as a reply to the thread below. I'm going to see if this game works with the genders being not predetermined i.e. "They Said They Said":

DEADLINE: (Tuesday July 1), Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 10 points for filling out a form
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7.02 - Villain Fic Challenge (Results)

I'm sorry these are so late, everyone! Due to the low participation the points for placement and participation have been adjusted, please see the contest FAQ stickied to the community if you'd like more information.

The winner of this challenge is [personal profile] amoris's fic Mykonos! 115 points to Team White Mage!

White Mages
[personal profile] amoris = 185 points
[personal profile] breyzyyin, Yin = 70 points

[personal profile] breyzyyin, Breyzy = 70 points

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Everyone did pretty good!

White Mages
Yin - 9 unique, 1 shared ( Round Chain ) = 28 points

Black Mages
Chacusha - 6 unique, 2 shared ( Ramuh, Ragnarok, Rabanastre ) = 22 points
Glacialphoenix - 10 unique! = 30 points

Breyzy - 8 unique, 2 shared ( Round Chain, Ramuh ) = 26 points

Lady_nova - 7 unique, 3 shared (Ramuh, Ragnarok, Rabanastre) = 27 points
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-27 10:48 am
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7.12: He Said She Said Game

7.12: He Said She Said Game

I need some more time to collect all the hair nominations and set up the voting (any seconding of the suggestions so far would be appreciated!), so in the meantime, a new activity: a game my friend taught me that she called the He Said She Said game.

How it works )

If we get answers quickly (like > 2 by Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday), I'll run multiple rounds. It's fun when you quickly get to see the story you made, so ideally, just fill out the form really quick and we'll get multiple rounds in. :)

DEADLINE: (Sunday June 29, Tuesday July 1), Thursday July 3 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: You can fill out one form per round for 10 points each round
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-19 04:54 pm

7.11: FF Hair Battle! - Nominations

7.11: Hair Battle - Nominations

I've been wanting to do this for a while! Basically we're going to have a series of votes to determine who the Final Fantasy character with the best hair is! There are multiple categories, so multiple ways to have the "best hair". But first, I need help with nominations! I've already put in some nominations for some of the more bizarro categories (that hopefully have some good nominations from more obscure works), but now it's your turn to make suggestions!

The categories! )
Nomination rules / how to nominate )

DEADLINE: Thursday June 26 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 2 points for nominating in a category or suggesting categories, up to 30 points

P.S. These are the kinds of things I come across when searching for Final Fantasy hairstyles. And now you have a pretty good ballpark estimate of how long I've been planning this activity.
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-17 11:24 pm
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7.09: Song Lyrics [Results]

7.09: Song Lyrics [Results]

I hope it's all right if I close this up! New activity coming, but it's a bit of work so might take me a bit to get it up. Sorry about that!

[personal profile] chacusha: 10 points
[personal profile] lightofeilia: 5 points

* Points have been donated to the current last place team.
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-17 10:28 am
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7.10: [Contest] Mythological Figures Graphics

7.10: [Contest] Mythological Figures Graphics

For this contest, your challenge is to take a Final Fantasy character(s) and make a mythology-themed graphic with them. Is Fran like Artemis? Is Lightning -- Odin connections aside -- like Thor? Take a character and connect them with a mythological figure.

In your entry you can use any combination of images of the character(s), images of the mythological figure, other elements symbolic of the mythological figure/atmospheric stock photography, a relevant quote/description, etc. You can make it simple or complex. Any mythology counts -- Greek, Aztec, Norse, Chinese, Biblical... it's up to you!

Some quick examples: photoset, single graphic

Spoiler policy is in effect for Final Fantasy Type-0.

DEADLINE: Tuesday July 8 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: You may submit one entry worth 20 points
- First place: +125 points
- Second place: +75 points
- Third place: +50 points
- Mod's Choice: +40 points (if there are enough entries)
- Voting: 5 points

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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-17 10:24 am
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7.07: Horror/Ghost Stories [Results]

7.07: Horror/Ghost Stories - Results

No entries, no points. Sorry about that! Just gonna close this up and post something new...
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7.02 - Villain Fic Challenge (Voting)

7.02: Villain Fic Voting

ENTRY #1 -- Mykonos )
ENTRY #2 -- Regret )
ENTRY #3 -- Existence )

Voting )

Voting ends: Thursday June 12 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59A GMT)
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-01 02:49 am

7.09: Song Lyrics

7.09: Song Lyrics

For this activity, your task is to give a Final Fantasy song of your choice lyrics! They can be serious lyrics or you can go the Brentalfloss parody direction. If you have a song and lyric style in mind, go for it! Otherwise, there will be a suggestion/requests thread to give you some ideas of songs that might work well with lyrics.

You get 20 points per stanza for up to two stanzas -- you can write two stanzas for a single song or write a single stanza for two songs. What counts as a stanza is usually about four lines of lyrics. Taking Blinded by Light as an example:

Section A lasts from about 0:11 to 0:33 and repeats again until about 0:55 (two stanzas)
Section B then picks up from 0:58 to 1:30 (could be one or two stanzas)

Basically, if the same melody line repeats exactly, each time it repeats will count as a separate stanza. Lyric writing is kind of hard, so I'm going to be lenient about what counts.

DEADLINE: Sunday June 8 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 20 points for writing for writing a stanza of lyrics, up to 40 points; 5 points for requesting songs, up to 10 points
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-06-01 02:44 am
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7.06: "Advice Animal"-style Memes [Results]

No points for this one. Sorry for the lateness. Will post new activities!

Also, I'll be extending the Ghost Stories contest to Friday June 13 (Friday the 13th! Spooky!).
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Hey all! I'm sure everyone has heard of scattergories but if you haven't, see below on how to play!

- There will be 10 and a given letter for everyone.
- Your job is to have an example for each category that begins with the given letter
- For example, if the category is Games and the letter is F, "Final Fantasy" works as an example, so does "Fallout".
- You get 3 points for a unique example, and 2 points if it's not unique.

Final Fantasy is pretty vast so it's likely that everyone will get full max points, but hey, points!

The given letter will be R! Fill in the form below and submit!

This activity ends Sunday June 1st 11:59PM EST!
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7.02 - UPDATE (extension)

Hi all, just announcing an extension for the Villain Fic Challenge here. You'll have until the end of the month to post your entry in the comments or email them to finalfantasylandmod@gmail.com!
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7.05 - MINORITY RULE (results)

1 vs 3, so there's no need to continue on to multiple rounds! Chocobos are a minority around here and pretty soon they'll be food

Ets - 10 points
Glacialphoenix - 5 points

Amoris - 5 points
Yin - 5 points
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-05-16 08:10 am

7.07: [Contest] Horror/Ghost Stories

7.07: [Contest] Horror/Ghost Stories

For this contest, the challenge is to write an FF-themed horror/ghost story. Imagine the kind of story you'd tell if you were sitting around the campfire and wanted to unsettle the other people in the circle, and cause them to look over their shoulders uneasily. That kind of story!

You could have a party of FF characters sharing ghost stories, or have one of the characters experience a creepy incident, or just write a fic focusing on the horror elements present in FF games. Have fun playing around with building up suspense and that feeling of terror.

DEADLINE: Friday June 13 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 25 points for submitting up to one fic (no word limit) - your fic can be crossposted to [community profile] moogle_workshop afterwards to get any difference in points
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-05-16 07:55 am
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7.04: [Contest] Art Contest - Green [Results]

7.04: [Contest] Art Contest - Green

Well, we got one gorgeous entry. It's under the cut. That's pretty good given the number of members we have, so I'm just going to move on for now (and work on recruiting more!).

Art & points )
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[personal profile] chacusha2014-05-16 12:12 am
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7.06: "Advice Animal"-style Memes

7.06: "Advice Animal"-style Memes

I hope I can explain this. The challenge here is to take a Final Fantasy character, put their head over a pinwheel background, and make them into an Advice Animal-style meme.

Some examples of Advice Animals: Socially Awkward Penguin (sums up awkward scenarios), Courage Wolf (all about motivating people to live courageously), and Good Guy Greg (meme summarizing that legitimately decent guy you know). They often feature a two-line joke, setup on top and punchline on bottom. More information on these kinds of memes at the Know Your Meme page.

Your task is to do a Final Fantasy-themed meme of this type. For example, you can have "Ridiculously Optimistic Snow" and then make some example memes inspired by his FFXIII antics.

So to get 30 points for this activity:
(1) Decide what your meme will be about, name it, and make a template for it (e.g. in an image editing program). There might also be tools to do this, but I'm not sure.
(2) Using your template, make 4+ examples of how you'd use it. You can do this fairly easily in an image editing program, but there are also definitely tools that help with this (quickmeme, memegenerator, etc.)

DEADLINE: Thursday May 23 @ 11:59P EDT (3:59AM GMT)
POINTS: 30 points for making a meme and 4 examples