Sunday February 6, 2011 @ 1:59 am
chacusha: (esmeralda*)
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One last post before I go to bed:

I worked out a schedule for [ profile] ultima_arena contests. Each month there will be:
- one big month-long contest (February's is the outfit redesign contest)
- two smaller two-week-long contests in the first half of the month (the pairing short fic contest is one of them)
- two smaller two-week-long contests in the second half of the month

The timing was a little off on the community icon challenge, so now there's basically a dead week where there won't actually be a second contest going on. Instead, I'm going to use this week to collect image suggestions that will be used in the icon contest that will happen in the second half of this month.

So in this post, leave a picture you'd like to see people make icons from (along with the game it comes from just in case I don't know). Doing so before Monday Febrary 14 @ 11:59P EST will get you 5 points for your team, but you may leave images here at any time and they might be picked for future challenges.

You may submit more than one image if you like, but 5 is the max number of points you can get. Fanart is okay as long as the artist is credited.

I will be choosing 3-6 of these images for the next icon contest. Comments are screened. Be sure to leave your team name with your pic.