Sunday December 4, 2011 @ 10:22 pm
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3.06: Black & White Picspams Results

In first place with 27 points was Entry #10, Breyzy's picspam of Yuna's sending. 125 points to Team Soldier!

In second place with 21 points was Entry #6, aeons in red and blue, by [ profile] the_404_error. 75 points to Team Black Mage!

Third place with 16 points was Entry #7, [ profile] lady_supernova's Rinoa-centric picspam. 50 points to Team Thief!

And finally, for the mod's choice, I pick [ profile] compass_ink's Entry #1. I love the mix of sprites + FMV screenshots. Also, the use of the game logo as the color accent is a creative touch! :) 20 points to Team White Mage!

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Wednesday November 23, 2011 @ 2:02 am
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3.06: Black & White Picspams

Note: because of the tardiness of the contests this month, this challenge will be the only second-half-month challenge for November.

Yes, we're having a picspam contest. For this contest you must arrange 8+ screencaps into a single picspam image, which you'll submit. The catch here is that at least half of your picspam must be in black & white. You can make an entirely greyscale picspam, or you can make a greyscale picspam with some splashes of color here and there, or you can mix full-color images with an equal amount of B&W images. It's up to you. The subject or theme of your picspam can be anything you like.

For some examples of picspams, see [ profile] picspammy.

- Your picspam must contain 8 or more FF screencaps or official art (no fanart)
- Your picspam must be at least 50% black & white
- Your entry must be a single image no wider than 750px and no taller than 1500px (any smaller dimension is fine)
- You may use text within your picspam image itself, but no outside commentary; the image is the only thing that will be put in the voting

DEADLINE: Wednesday November 30 @ 11:59P EST (4:59AM GMT)
POINTS: You may submit one picspam worth 20 points
- First place: +125 points
- Second place: +75 points
- Third place: +50 points
- Mod's choice: +20 points (if there are enough entries)
- Voting: 5 points

Be sure to leave your class in your comment.