Sunday May 26, 2013 @ 1:57 am
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6.03: A Different Perspective Results

The first place entry with 20 points was Riovanes Knight! written by Yin! 175 points to

In second place with 15 points was Untitled by [personal profile] regann! 125 points to

Finally, in third place with 14 points was Fall by [personal profile] ceiling_fan! 75 points toTEAM SOLDIER!

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Saturday May 18, 2013 @ 2:22 pm
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6.03: A Different Perspective Voting

Below are the entries for this contest. Beneath each fic I've included a short blurb on which scene the story is focusing on for a little bit more context for those unfamiliar with the game (thanks to participants for clarifying the scenes). Hope that helps!

ENTRY #1 -- Riovanes Knight (Final Fantasy Tactics) )
ENTRY #2 -- Fall (Final Fantasy XII) )
ENTRY #3 -- A Study in the Speed of Stars (Final Fantasy VI) )
ENTRY #4 -- The Child on the Train (Final Fantasy XIII) )
ENTRY #5 -- Untitled (Final Fantasy VIII) )

Voting )

Voting ends: Saturday May 25th @ 11:59P EDT (3:59A GMT)
Friday May 3, 2013 @ 11:55 pm
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For this contest, write an in-game scene from the point of view of a Non-Playable Character (NPC). I use the term NPC loosely, but ideally the main target I had in mine is for characters in game who appear like, once. Someone you don't know the name of, even. It's up to your discretion, however, any "important" non-player character works as well (Regent Cid in FFIX, for example).

Your fic must be between 500 to 1000 words.

DEADLINE: Friday May 17 @ 11:59P EST (4:59AM GMT)
POINTS: You may submit one fic worth 50 points (
- First place: +175 points
- Second place: +125 points
- Third place: +75 points
- Voting: 10 points

Be sure to leave your class in your comment.

EDIT: Please make sure to state which game your fic is from and maybe a brief description of the particular scene in question which I will include at the end of your fic UNLESS you particularly do not want it to be stated ... This is just to help the people who have never played the game before to better understand your fic.