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Name:Ultima Arena
Website:Final Fantasy Land
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Game and contest community of Final Fantasy Land
Ultima Arena is the timed activities community of Final Fantasy Land. Here is where you can earn points by participating in games and contests. Participating and winning are the largest way of getting points, but you can also rack up points by voting in or making banners for contests.

1. In general, submissions for activities and contests should be posted in the comments of the activity post. Be sure to either include your class in the subject/body or use a tag banner.

2. Works submitted as entries here may be posted in [community profile] moogle_workshop (anytime for games; only after results go up for contests -- see rule below about anonymity), but they will not be given full points there (because they've already been given points here!). If the amount they would have earned in MWS is greater than what they earned here, though, they will be given the difference in points.

1. For contests, your entry must be anonymous. This means that, while you can encourage people in your team to participate in challenges by brainstorming ideas, you can't share your entry with others or talk about your work in a way that would identify it in the voting.

2. You may not vote for your own entry.

Each challenge will have its own rules and point system, so refer to the challenge posts for more information. For a more detailed explanation of contest rules, see the FAQ.

Send them here.

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